Dave Morey Widow Cleaning services have been around for over 35 years. We offer friendly, safe, and exceptional services. Dave Morey Widow Cleaning services do not allow non-family member workers on the jobsite. We do this to ensure the safest and best servicing possible. The owner, Dave Morey, will be at all job sites. Dave rarely brings co-workers with him to work because he wants to provide the absolute best for his employers.

Dave Morey started window cleaing windows when he was 15 years old as a side job when he was a teenager. He cleaned windows on the side to pay for college. Dave went to college at Widener for accounting. Dave's Window cleaning business strived and he decided being a professional window cleaner is the best career path for him. Dave has been the top window cleaner in the delaware county area for over 35 years and anybody who has used him will agree that he is the best window cleaner around and the number one guy to hire. Remember, Dave Morey's window cleaning isn't a normal window cleaning service! Its a More-clean service!